In your (work) everyday life, always remember to take good care of yourself : for example, with balanced meals that you can really enjoy .

This week at the LAGO Food Lounge.

KW 15 (10.04. – 15.04.2023)

  • Otto Müller meat and sausage specialties in the Food Lounge
    • Monday, 10.04.2023:
      Easter Monday
    • Tuesday, 11.04.2023: Rhenish Sauerbraten with bread dumplings €10.90
    • Wednesday, 12.04.2023: Breaded pork cutlets with wedges 10,90 €
    • Thursday, 13.04.2023: Quiche with leek and ham 9,90 €
    • Friday, 14.04.2023: Lentils with spaetzle and string sausages
    • Saturday, 15.04.2023: Veal goulash with mushrooms and ribbon noodles €10.90
  • BBQ Lake Constance burger with meatball and fries €8.49
  • BBQ Lake Constance burger with meatball and fries + 1 Fritz drink {add. deposit) 9,99 €


  • merci on the first floor: goat cheese salad (14,90 €)
  • deli on the first floor: Pizza Capricciosa (12,50 €)

KW 14 (03.04. – 08.04.2023)

  • Otto Müller meat and sausage specialties in the Food Lounge
    • Monday, 03.04.2023: Hungarian juice goulash with spaetzle €10.90
    • Tuesday, 04.04.2023: Meatballs on paprika cream sauce with potato gratin 9,90 €
    • Wednesday, 05.04.2023: Chicken breast in crispy breading with potato and cucumber salad €10.90
    • Thursday, 06.04.2023: Pork cutlet piccata on penne arrabiata €10.90
    • Friday, 07.04.2023:
      Good Friday
    • Saturday, 08.04.2023: Stuffed veal breast with bread dumplings 10,90 €
  • Pulled pork burger with fries €8.49
  • Pulled Pork Burger with fries + 1 Fritz drink {add. deposit) 9,99 €

To all restaurateurs


The LAGO Shopping-Center in Constance at Lake Constance

A truly unique mix

Fashion, lifestyle and enjoyment in more than 70 shops, cafés and restaurants: That is the LAGO shopping center. Located in the middle of Constance, surrounded by the flair of Lake Constance, it offers you an extraordinary overall experience. Everything you need to have a good time is here: shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining and services.

Enjoy diversity

And LAGO offers even more than that: the colorful life of the trendy store world, relaxing little time-outs over coffee or a meal, and the casual generosity of the lake – a combination you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy them with all your senses.

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