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Electric car charging points

Since March 2018, the LAGO carpark offers green power charging points.

All the important information at a glance:

Name of charging point: Parkhaus Lago
Stations-ID: DESWKS0003
Charging points available: 2
Sockets per charging point: 2
- 1x Type 2 (max. 22 kW)
- 1x Schuko (3 kW)
à the two sockets of one charging point cannot be used simultaneously. 

Important: parking on these parking spots is only allowed while charging. 

How to recharge my car?

  • Use the charging card from Stadtwerke Konstanz (purchase on
  • Use the charging card from an associate: find the current list on (e.g. EnBW, The New Motion, ChargeNow).
  • Scan the QR-Code or find our charging point on and pay via PayPal.

How to pay?

  • Using the charging card of Stadtwerke Konstanz
    • Customers using the charging card of Stadtwerke Konstanz are invoiced a monthly fee, i.e. the Stadtwerke Konstanz offer a flat rate that allows you to charge your car as often as you please.
    • The fees are paid annually.
  • Using the charging card of other providers
    • Customers using the charging card of an associated provider are invoiced the fees set by their own provider. I.e. customers using the charging points in our Shopping Center are not charged by the Stadtwerke Konstanz but by their own provider.
  • Ladepay
    • Customers not possessing either of the charging cards, but having an internet-capable mobile phone can access the Web-App Ladepay.
      • Scan the QR-Code displayed on the charging point, search for the charging station on or type in your browser  
      • Set the charging time (fees are displayed directly).
      • Accept the general standard terms and conditions (GTC) and confirm your method of payment (PayPal).
      • The socket unlocks automatically.

Important: have your charging cable ready. After pushing “start”, the socket will be unlocked for about 30 seconds. Charging will stop automatically when the set time is up or when interrupted manually by the user. Finally, unlock the socket via the link, send to you via e-mail, or via the charging cable.


  • Per charging via Ladepay, a flat fee of 7,00 € is due.
  • The charging point will then be activated for 24 hours.
  • We encourage our customers to leave the charging point as soon as their car has been charged to allow other customers to use the station.