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Coffee and assortments for a more pleasant everyday life
For more than 60 years, Tchibo has stood for freshness and quality in the coffee market. The original shipper of coffee is now an international company that has long had more business areas than just the distribution of coffee. With its strong brands, Tchibo now provides variety and quality in almost all areas of daily life worldwide.

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Tchibo Lago Konstanz Kaffee
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The range includes coffee specialties, travel and mobile phone contracts, fashion, household goods, furniture, and technology – in short, goods that customers love and don’t (yet) have.

LAGO Shopping-Center

Shopping for your heart,
Diversity for your soul

It’s great to have you here: Welcome to LAGO Shopping-Center! In the middle of Constance, you can combine shopping with a Lake Constance feeling. More than 70 carefully selected stores, restaurants, cafés, and leisure facilities will meet your needs. Here, you can buy just about anything. Additionally, you can enjoy all the amenities of a modern mall.

Our unique shopping world is spread over three floors: In the basement you can buy groceries, small everyday highlights and everyday necessities. On the ground floor, you will find a young, inspiring world of trends, and on the upper floor, a world of brands for sophisticated demands. Have fun discovering!

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