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Together with its partners, LAGO creates an experience gastronomy with a unique relationship to Lake Constance, with different concepts for different target groups and great offers with event character. Where shopping and experience belong to leisure and lifestyle, LAGO sets new standards with this vision. Because shopping, experiencing and lingering belong together more than ever. The restaurateur we are working with is an experienced full-service professional; we expect to celebrate the opening in the fourth quarter of 2023. Look forward to this highlight for Constance, because you will enjoy the city and the lake from a completely different perspective: in the new gastronomy format with lake feeling at LAGO.

08 March 2023

We are pleased to report that we are right on schedule with our conversion measures and that all the work steps to date have been carried out smoothly. We have real professionals at work, but we are also very grateful for the great understanding from our visitors! We are happy to give you a brief update again:

The sawing work on the reinforced concrete staircase has now been completed on schedule. In the period from 13. until March 14, concreting work necessary for the reinstallation of the escalators will take place. For safety and space reasons, the escalators leading from the first floor to the basement and vice versa in this area will again be taken out of service during the aforementioned period. Afterwards, the heavy-duty scaffolding that was previously installed to secure the reinforced concrete staircase during demolition can be dismantled. On March 22, the escalator that will lead from the 1st floor up to the new gastro area will be delivered. In preparation for their installation, further adaptation work will take place in the atrium. Installation of the new escalators, as well as the existing ones, is scheduled for March 22-24. Accordingly, the entire area can be reopened as planned at the end of the month.

The expansion of the gastro areas on the second and fourth floors themselves will not cause any major restrictions during your shopping visits at LAGO!

February 15, 2023

Demolition of the reinforced concrete staircase that previously led from the second floor to the cinema is in full progress! The staircase weighs 30 tons and is now being removed using the so-called wire saw method. This happens in 50 sawing operations of 600-kilo pieces each. These are transported upwards and lifted out and down from the outside of the building by the crane.

January 14, 2023

The reinforced concrete staircase that currently leads from the second floor (at ZARA) to the cinema will be dismantled. For the safety of our visitors, the area around the stairs on the second floor will be cordoned off and secured with a dust wall. The unrestricted crossings elsewhere in the center will be adequately signposted for you. The two escalators that connect the second floor with the first floor in this area will be removed and temporarily stored on the first floor for the duration of the construction work. The escalators that connect the ground floor and basement at this point will basically remain in operation. For safety reasons, however, the escalators may be temporarily closed. Even then, our signage will show you the way through the building. As soon as the old reinforced concrete staircase has been completely removed in mid-March, the escalators to/from the first floor will be reinstalled and supplemented by a new escalator leading upstairs.
On January 27, a crane will be placed on the forecourt.

January 12, 2023

Construction has now started on our lighthouse project! The extensive construction measures for the conversion of 2,000 square meters of space on the second and fourth floors of the LAGO have begun.




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