At that time still project “lakeside house”: On September 27, 2002 the foundation stone for the LAGO was laid

Where once there was only a railroad area with engine shed and canteen, the LAGO celebrated its opening in 2004. The construction lasted about two years. Exactly 20 years ago today, the foundation stone was laid, which visitors now “stumble upon” by the glass elevators in the basement.

Innovative foundation technology made the construction of LAGO possible in the first place: over 100 concrete piers were built at depths of up to 60 meters in the watery clay subsoil of the shore of Lake Constance. At the time, this approach existed exactly twice in the whole of Europe: at Lake Starnberg and in Constance.

As a cornerstone of Constance’s retail trade, LAGO has formed an effective link with the city center from the very beginning: Visitors appreciate both the metropolitan ambience at LAGO and the historic charm of the city center.

LAGO has been writing a success story in Constance for almost 20 years: This fills us with pride and the energy to continue working on ourselves. In the quality and exclusivity of our services. On ever new ideas that make LAGO a magnet of attraction far beyond the borders of Constance. Best tenant mix with lake feeling. So that LAGO remains as you know it: always in refreshing change.


The LAGO Shopping-Center in Constance at Lake Constance

A truly unique mix

Fashion, lifestyle and enjoyment in more than 70 shops, cafés and restaurants: That is the LAGO shopping center. Located in the middle of Constance, surrounded by the flair of Lake Constance, it offers you an extraordinary overall experience. Everything you need to have a good time is here: shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining and services.

Enjoy diversity

And LAGO offers even more than that: the colorful life of the trendy store world, relaxing little time-outs over coffee or a meal, and the casual generosity of the lake – a combination you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy them with all your senses.