Enjoy a spring full of freshness and lightness, Parisian charm and international flair at LAGO. The deco staging “Colours of Eden” and our spring campaign with singer Bê Ignacio as LAGO face 2023 awaken spring at the lake.

Our popular “Colours of Eden” decoration show brings Parisian flair to Lake Constance this season. Paris is not only the city for spring-fresh lovers – but also pulsating center of style, elegance and trends. Paris takes playful romance to the extreme (of the Eiffel Tower), and is at the same time a modern metropolis as well as a compass, guide and benchmark for the fashion industry. Inspired by this, the designers of Silverleafs Stilmanufaktur conjured up romantic little “gardens” at LAGO, but the decor worlds also make clear reference to the colors and looks of the trend shows in Paris, Milan and London.

Trendy restaurants and bistros in Paris boast lush floral arrangements around the entrances and on the facades. Inspired by this, at LAGO you’ll find decorating highlights like our popular oversized Easter bunny, which this year is dressed entirely in flowers.

At the same time, the colors remain diverse and bright. But the current spring colors – and the LAGO spring campaign again picks up on this trend in its motifs – present themselves in a monochrome look. Trendy shades such as lilac, light yellow and salmon remain in their respective color families, at most entering into exciting combinations with another color.

Celebrate the colors of spring – we invite you to do so at LAGO. And exactly that also makes the face of the LAGO campaign: The Brazilian-German singer Ignacio beams at you from now on from our advertising material and accompanies the LAGO through the year 2023. So unique as her music is also her charisma: warm and full of life, profound, but as friendly as the sun. With her hit Sununga (Ey Ey Ou Ou) Ignacio was in the Top 3 of the SWR3 listening charts for eight weeks. The singer recorded the accompanying album India Urbana in Ubatuba (Brazil), New York and Constance.

Who once perceived their warm attraction, should necessarily also hear her voice. For an exclusive concert of Ignacio at LAGO preparations are currently in full swing. Info about this we give announced in good time on our website and social media channels. We are delighted that such an outstanding personality is the LAGO Face 2023!

As fun and exuberant the photo shoot for the LAGO campaign with was, as fresh, varied and modern the motifs have become, which you will encounter from now on online, in the LAGO on site as well as throughout Constance and the surrounding area.

We look forward to your visit – look forward to many surprisingly unique moments at LAGO!


The LAGO Shopping-Center in Constance at Lake Constance

A truly unique mix

Fashion, lifestyle and enjoyment in more than 70 shops, cafés and restaurants: That is the LAGO shopping center. Located in the middle of Constance, surrounded by the flair of Lake Constance, it offers you an extraordinary overall experience. Everything you need to have a good time is here: shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining and services.

Enjoy diversity

And LAGO offers even more than that: the colorful life of the trendy store world, relaxing little time-outs over coffee or a meal, and the casual generosity of the lake – a combination you won’t find anywhere else. Enjoy them with all your senses.