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Inspiration, feeling inspired, that is like a friendly invitation to discover a new facet of yourself. Having an idea of yourself and Find ways to implement them. Fresh ideas for look and lifestyle are good for us, make us self-confident and add variety to our everyday lives.

The LAGO annual campaign captures this feeling. The idea: making inspiration tangible. The realization: hand-drawn fashion illustrations by the talented artist Florian Riemerschmid. The idea generators: two real Constance personalities for whom the LAGO is a world full of creativity.

Florian Riemerschmid: A tribute to the beauty of fashion

Fashion drawings have an inherent creative magic. Photography can only capture what already exists – illustrations from the talented hands of fashion designers and fashion designers can show what will be. For the LAGO annual campaign, they are the perfect medium to symbolize inspiration and creative freedom. We are proud that in Florian Riemerschmid we have found an artist who creates fashion illustrations in the tradition of fashion illustrators, but declares them to be his very own art form .

“With just a few brushstrokes, I express the self-confident charisma of women in fashion,” says Florian Riemerschmid, explaining his work. “The inspiring grace and beauty of female bodies brings fashion to life.” Florian Riemerschmid studied fashion design and fashion drawing at the German Master school for fashion. He then worked as a graphic designer for 20 years. He lives and works inMunichas a freelance artist, event illustrator and illustrator .

For LAGO, Florian Riemerschmid has created expressive fashion portraits that visualize the fashion of the season and especially the trend colors of this spring .

Personalities at the lake: The LAGO Faces 2024

Yves Saint Laurent once said about fashion drawings: “I start with a woman’s face, and then suddenly a dress develops, the piece takes form. This onslaught of ideas, this ability to create clothing, never ceases to amaze me.”

Florian Riemerschmid did not paint “one” woman’s face for the LAGO. Instead, two young, fashion-conscious women from Constance were used as models. Johanna Schneider, who adorns our advertising material in the first few months of the spring campaign, is both ambitious and empathetic, approachable and versatile, cosmopolitan and close to home. She has already worked as a model in Milan and Paris – currently she is studying midwifery. Johanna is as multifaceted as the fashion she likes to wear.

Next to Johanna is our second LAGO Face 2024: Lea Piendl. Her motifs will be played from June 20. Lea is connected in a very special way with the LAGO: Because she works here! Lea represents a generation of women who know their worth, know what they want and how they can achieve it, but at the same time not lose their warmth, authenticity and lightness. Lea’s fashion style is timeless and classic – she appreciates good quality just as much as designs that suit her personally and harmonize in form and color .

On social Media, we will be introducing Johanna and Lea to you in more detail in the coming weeks. There they show themselves in photos and moving images, dare to to fashion-related creative challenges and accompany you through an inspiring, imaginative and diverse year at LAGO!




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